The KL-Hop On Hop-Off

So, Taxi is unreasonable to use for a tour? You don’t know the correct bus route and schedules and you find the local people around your area untrustworthy, why not use the KL Hop-On Hop-Off? With seven (7) days a week operation KL Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour runs a continuously circle daily from 9 am until 8 pm at around 15-30 minutes intervals. 

This is the map where you can see the bus route. You may hop-off at any station you like and hop-on also anytime by 15-30 minutes of waiting.

The service covers a circle route that allows tourists to start the tour and end at the same location. Along the route, there are approximately 40 attractions including major hotel areas where the tourists can hop-on or hop-off at any of the 22 designated stops. Since our location (Hotel Summer View) is located walking distance the Little India, we decided to wait on Station no. 10 where we found the KL Hop-On Hop-Off sign.

The famous Double-Decker bus of KL Hop-On Hop-Off City TourYou may avail the bus ticket upon riding. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. The rate is RM45.00 for adult and RM23.00 for child. The double-decker, air-conditioned tour bus is equipped with facilities such as speaker that informs the tourist for each of the attractions and WiFi, making it one of the most convenient tours around the city.

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Here are some of the great experiences that we had:

The Little India at Brickfield

At the Royal Palace (which is not open to public)

At the Merdeka Square

At the Fountain Sculpture

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The famous KL City Gallery

The National Museum

The National Mosque

The famous Petronas Tower

The KL Tower

The Grand Pavilion on Bukit Bintang

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! God bless!

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Flying With Infant!

Based on my experience, it was truly difficult to travel with an infant. The first time we had our family trip was when we went to Kuala Lumpur. It’s a good thing that my husband was there with me. 

She’s a lap child that time since she was just  1 year and 1o months.
Touch down at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

The second time we fly was when we went to Brunei Darussalam to visit my husband who was working as Structural Engineer there. This time, it was just me and my daughter. It was really exhausting. 

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My super excited baby!

I’d like to share some tips on flying with an infant.

1.Prepare the necessary documents and place them on a bag where you can easily put the documents in and out. I prefer to use a sling or body bag aside from the backpack that I used. Secure all necessary documents such as Passport (you and your baby), Itinerary Receipt, Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) of your husband if you will visit your working loved ones in that particular place because this paper will help you reduce travel tax. Don’t forget to bring Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate of your baby.

2. Place your child’s estimated diapers which will be used before, on or after the flight in a backpack together with her small towels, clothes, baby wipes and make sure that your backpack is not too heavy since you will carry your baby too.

3. Bring your own ballpen to avoid hassle in filling up forms at the airport.

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4. If the travel duration is short, you may bring snacks like biscuits. But if the travel time is too long, order food or make an advance order to avoid too much conversation with the flight attendant.

5. Don’t forget to bring your child’s estimated milk and water and place it also in your backpack or if you can handle to bring small baby bag.

6. Bring also her or his favorite toy so that your child will not be bored. You may play with your kid during the take off so your child will not really feel scared. You should hug your kid during sudden turbulence.

7. Ensure that the milk supplement of your child and the diaper brand are available on the country of your destination if your travel is out of country. If not, you should bring milk and diapers in your baggage.

8. Don’t forget to bring vitamins and medicine if necessary.

9. Don’t forget to pray and ask for the Lord’s guidance!

I hope you enjoy your travel with your baby! God bless!

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Batu Caves

Batu Caves

One of the best tourist spot that you should not miss is the Batu Caves. The enchanted temple and shrine has 272 steps which will enable you to climb and see the beautiful overlooking of the place. Beside the steep stairways is the giant statue of Lord Murugan who is one of Hindu’s God. It also the tallest statue in Malaysia at 42.7 metres (140 ft) in height. It located at the Sir Murugan Perumal Kovil at the foot of Batu Caves. It took 3 years of construction and unveiled in January 2006 during Thaipusam festival.While going upstairs, you will able to see numbers of monkeys. Just be careful because they may take what you have on your hand!


Since the hotel we were in was walking distance from KL Sentral, the best transportation was to take the KTM Komuter. The dropping point is exactly at Batu Station so you will never get lost since at the Batu Station, you will see the giant statue of Lord Murugan.

At the entrance, you will see this giant statue of a person with the mouth of a monkey. Maybe this statue belongs to Gods of Hindus.

Aside from the stairs going to the top of the Batu Cave, there are other attractions around like the pond below where you can feed the fishes.

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Aside from the fish, there are many birds around the place! There are also souvenir shops (even inside the cave upstairs) and restaurants.

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So here we are! Let’s go upstairs and see what it feels to be on top!

It was a breathtaking view of the whole place!

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We’re almost there! Just stopping by to rest and take some pictures! Oxygen please! Just a few more steps…

Be careful of monkeys! This monkey is trying to get my husband’s bottled water! Hahaha… 

Inside the cave, you may see a lot of tourist, worshipers, monkeys, statues of Hindu’s God, temple,souvenir shops, even chickens of those who were residing there, bats and birds. It feels weird to hear the sound of their worship songs but we need to respect their culture. 

Another great experience that should not be missed! Thank God for this great experience!

Hotel Summer View

A view from the traffic light (pedestrian)
near KL Sentral

If you are planning to have a vacation, one of the biggest factor that should be consider is the accommodation. Upon browsing the internet for best deals, we found this Hotel Summer View (from Agoda).

Hotel Summer View is nicely located within a 7 minutes walking distance from the famous KL Sentral Station in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. You may want to check their homepage :

It’s a good thing that this hotel is located very near as walking distance from the KL Sentral. Upon arriving on Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), we ride on a bus from the airport to KL Sentral. The fare is RM10 for adult and half for child. It is free-seating also.

Since we don’t have idea on how to get to our hotel, we asked an officer so we were really blessed that he told us the direction. We only need to get to the traffic light to cross the street and he said, just look up and you will see the hotel.

I am so glad to hear that because it seems that it is really near the KL Sentral and it is real!

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Since the Hotel is located in Brickfields which is really near the Little India, the place is surrounded by Indians. I just don’t like some taxi drivers who keep on insisting service. Taxi fare is expensive and not reasonable. It is also quite shocking that many motorists are using the walkway. They are really scary. They are also very reckless so tourists should be very careful. Blind people are also almost everywhere. It was really admirable that you see them as normal people walking around going to their work.


This is the first meal I’ve had here in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is just outside the hotel. So heavy chicken meal for only RM6.00!
My daughter is enjoying the mix fruit juice for RM3.00.
This is for my husband, fish fillet heavy meal. (RM5.00)
The famous Old Town White Coffee
This is the last dinner that we had at Old Town White Coffee

This is what I love in this place. There are many food stalls where you can choose from finger foods up to heavy meals! I love Old Town White Coffee Restaurant. I never thought that there is one outside the hotel. 

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Walking outside NU Sentral with my daughter Aliyah
The Sushi Restaurant located at the grocery area of NU Sentral

NU Sentral Mall is very near and the architecture is really good. It was located just beside the KL Sentral Station. Famous shopping stores and restaurants can be found here. You may also want to buy some foods to bring on your hotel.


Since the hotel is really near the KL Sentral, transportation is not really a burden.

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The Hotel


Well, the staffs are friendly. They greet you and they open doors and elevators for you. I love it when they smile at us.


Everybody loves to enjoy the luxury of free breakfast in the hotel. Well the food is really delicious. The dining area is also cozy. I just don’t know if the staffs on dining area are friendly because I haven’t seen them smiling.

My husband is truly a heavy-eater! Hahaha…
My daughter with her favorite teddy
Oh my morning eyes! Good morning!


Well, the room that we stayed in has 2 beds since we have our one year old baby with us. There is WiFi, telephone, old TV, safe, air-con, coffee set and other similar things that can be found in a hotel. The comfort room is so so. I just don’t like that they don’t even have toothbrush and toothpaste. They also don’t have slippers. Though it is a little bit unsatisfactory, we still enjoyed our stay since we will just stay there to rest after going out all day.

They are enjoying the luxury of this room!